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About Jewelion Web Design

Picture taken in Nesscliffe near Highwayman's cave...

Jewelion Web Design is run by Julian Stokes. I have always had a healthy interest in computers. I can trace my involvement right back to machines like the Sinclair ZX81 and Commodore 64. But it is the ability to connect computers to one another and the growth of the internet and all its possibilities which fascinate me so much.

I enjoy the whole range of work in website creation: from the design/layout, to the technical skills to put it together and make sure it all works. And in there, interweaving through the whole project has to be an understanding of commercial and sales techniques, with terms like conversions, ROI and "above the fold".

Being able to connect to the internet that made all the difference. My first online experience was with Compuserve to which we connected with a modem with a top speed of 300 baud. Any faster than that was impossible because the old telephone exchange could not provide a good enough connection. It wasn't cheap either. Not only were there phone billls but we also had to pay an hourly fee to dial into the packet switching system.

Then came "proper" dial up internet. I must at this point admit to having been an AOL user :-). Still wasn't cheap. Monthly fees plus hourly charges plus phone charges. But they did give you webspace as part of the deal. And that's what got me started on web design. We began with a regular magazine site about our Old English Sheepdogs and soon created numerous local interest pages.

Now we have broadband, laptops with wi-fi and mobile phones that can get your email for you whilst keeping up-to-date with Twitter, syncing your calendar whilst helping you grab that latest bargain on eBay! The internet is everywhere and we have only just begun exploring its possibilities.

My particular pleasure is taking problems that have been dismissed by others as "too hard" or impossible and solving them.

Julian Stokes - Jewelion Web Design