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Basic Websites

Simple basic websites by Jewelion Web Design

Basic websites are small, fast, economical and to the point. For businesses who don't require a massive corporate presence on the internet, Jewelion Web Design provides a effective, cheap and affordable option.

It may be that you want:

  • to let people know you are there,
  • tell them what you do and
  • how to contact you.

If this is the case for you then you may find that one of our basic websites is just what you need.

Basic websites are typically be 3 to 6 pages in size. They can be more, up to approximately 20 pages. Or even just a single page with a business logo, some photos, a description and contact details.

Basic websites can have sophisticated features like dropdown menus, image sliders or slideshows...

Here are just a few examples of basic websites completed for our clients:


Showing picture of Mayres, a simple basic website
Mayres is a French farmhouse, refurbished for use as a holiday location.
The purpose of the website is to show off the interior and surroundings as well as to gather bookings from interested parties. The site makes use of a custom javascript to show upcoming weeks on the Tariff page and generate custom booking forms. There are several slideshows. We have been maintaining this site for several years now.
Visit Mayres Website

Just Gascony

Simple basic Website about Le Peninoy, Gascony makes extensive use of a Lightbox   -  whereby a number of smaller images, or thumbnails, are displayed on a page which when clicked, enlarge in a pleasing manner on the webpage. This is a great way of getting a large number of images onto a single page without forcing the visitor to scroll too much or making the page very slow to load. This site was designed and developed by Jewelion. It is maintained by the client.
Visit Just Gascony website

Marches Motorcycle Training

marches motor cycle training: a basic website
Marches Motorcycle Training wanted a basic website. This fulfills that brief perfectly. It is easy to navigate and is bringing them ever increasing amounts of business. 2013 saw an extra page added and some alterations to take into account the new rules regarding motorcycle licensing.
Visit Marches Motorcycle Training website.

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