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Blog is short for weB log. Any website can have a blog. A blog is a good way to keep your website fresh with new and changing content. Not only will the prospect of entertaining and interesting news items entice visitors to return to your site, also new & relevant content makes Google rank your site higher.

The website illustrated below has a blog and is built on the popular blogging platform, Wordpress. Wordpress is not just limited to blogs -- it is more than capable of being used to produce standard web site content as well.

This website (based on Drupal) also has a blog  - blogging is not necessarily limited to specific platforms. However, Wordpress is easy to use & configure and, as such, is the natural choice for small to medium sized sites. There is a host of add-ons to extend the "out-of-the-box" functionality of Wordpress. Such necessary gems as Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation are well catered for as well as image galleries, themes and contact forms.

When it comes to the look / feel of your website you can either go with a pre-made template and adapt that to your needs or we can start from the bottom up and design a template to your exact specifications.

Extra functionality can be added via add-on modules: many are free, others are very reasonably priced. If there is not already a module that does what you want in the way that you want it then we can make one for you.

Fineline Tattoos

Fineline Tattoos homepage
Fineline Tattoos is run by Rena and husband Stuart. Requirements for this site were to have a custom graphic for the front page, an overall purple feel to match the colour scheme of the tattoo studio, a blog facility and a gallery section to show off their work.
Visit Oswestry's Fineline Tattoo website