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CRM - Which?

Submitted by Julian Stokes on 8 April, 2015 - 13:33

A good Customer Relationship Managment should enable a business to keep track of customers past, present and future. Tasks can be prioritised, cases completed and customers kept updated, all within the standard workflow.

A simple Google search for CRM will bring up loads of results. Which one to choose?

I have a simple set of criteria:

  1. It must be free as in lunch and speech.
  2. It must Open Source so I can tinker with it.
  3. It must be able to be hosted on my home machine so I control my own data.
  4. It must have no artificial limitations on use, content or users.

I fully understand why some users may choose a hosted / subscription model but I come with my own expertise. Part of the reason for going down this route is to expand my horizons and add to the sum of my total knowledge.

In the end I chose SuiteCRM

suite crm logo

This is an offshoot of the popular SugarCRM package but with no limitations. There are support options available for those who need them, but for skinflints like me, download is free. All it requires is an investment of time.

On the Download page of the SuiteCRM site you can choose between a full download, a Sales based download and a Service based download. Not being sure exactly what I required I naturally went for the full download.