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If you have a business you better have a website. Your business website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's your public face telling your customers,  past, present and future, that you are ready & available for them.

With the right information, layout and structure, your website can do valuable work for you. It will answer visitors' questions and qualify you as the ideal candidate for their custom.

Domain name I - dot what?

To have a proper website, one that doesn't look as if you've tried to do it on the cheap, you should have your own domain name. The domain name of this website is Back in 1998 when this domain was registered, there was a certain cachet to having a dot com domain name. Now as there are more and more websites, being able to indicate that you are a UK based business in your domain name tips the balance in favour of As Jewelion is not limited to any one country, or even continent, we continue to use our dot com name.

Domain name II - what dot?

It is a good thing, if you can, to have your business name. If that's gone then maybe adding in a geographical term (oswestry, shropshire) is a possibility. Another really good thing is to have what you do. That can be especially helpful with Search Engine Optimisation. The jury is out regarding hyphens or dashes, the main objection being it is hard to tell someone over the telephone...

Business Websites - content.

Within reason, the more content the better. Relevant content, that is.

You can start with one page. Except that's not really a website. A site implies that there's more than one page. But one page will be enough to get you found. On that page, at a minimum you should have your business name, business address, nature of business and some means for customers to contact you. That would usually be email and telephone.

Moving up to a multi-page site and you can start to put some real depth to the information. About Us can give the background to the business and introduce the people behind it. You could consider devoting a whole page to each of your main products or services. The Contact page could have a map which gives directions on how to find you. Maybe you find yourself answering the same questions about your business over and over again. If this is the case consider putting these answers on your website in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or just make sure that you incorporate the information in the text as appropriate.

Writing the text for a web page is different from writing normal advertising copy - you are doing it to grab the customer and attract the search engines. We can take your copy and adapt it for maximum search engine impact.


To sell things over the internet. If you sell items and it is appropriate for people to buy them over the internet there is no reason why your business website should not be an e-commerce site. Modern e-commerce programs handle business to business (b2b) and business to customer (b2c) with ease. You can have separate pricings for different classes of customer. You can handle issues like box quantities. Programs like Prestashop will report on things like abandoned carts enabling you to possibly make a sale which otherwise would have been lost. Another very handy feature is the ability to see which web search brought in the customer, together with how many visits it took before they committed and made a purchase.

Business Websites - the next step

When you're ready to take the next step and would like Jewelion to help you create your ideal website. Or your existing website needs refreshing. Please Contact Us. We're waiting for your call.