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Free Ten Point Website Health Check

For those of you who already have a web presence we offer a free no obligation ten point website health check. We will look at the following areas of your home page and others:

  1. Page Titles:
    Are they present? Do they accurately reflect the page content? Is maximum use being made of the 70 character allowance?
  2. Meta Descriptions:
    Are they present? Do they contain keywords and a compelling call to action?
  3. Top Level Headings:
    Are they present? Do they contain appropriate keywords relevant to the page?
  4. Content:
    Are there sufficient words? Is the text search engine and reader friendly? Is key word density appropriate - not too little, not too much?
  5. Page Layout:
    Is the layout logical and easy to follow?
  6. Navigation:
    How easy is it to find what you're looking for? How many clicks? Is it easy to retrace your footsteps?
  7. Images:
    Does the site use images appropriately. Are they properly labelled?
  8. Outgoing Links:
    Are there any? Are they appropriate?
  9. Incoming Links:
    Any other sites linking to this site/page?
  10. Search Engines:
    Are the pages indexed? How far up the results does the site appear?

Having analysed your site uising the above criteria we will then advise you on the next steps and changes required to improve your website.

If you'd like help to make the necessary changes we would be pleased to offer our services.