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osCommerce Maintenance and Security

With many years’ experience in installing, customising, maintaining and actually running osCommerce Shops Jewelion Web Design is perfectly placed and qualified to help you with any issues or needs you may have regarding your osCommerce webstore.

We can:

  • Locate, select and install modifications to enhance the operation of your webshop
  • Freshen up the page layout/design
  • Apply security patches to help keep the hackers out
  • Program custom functionality to make the website work exactly how you like.

osCommerce: Security

So you’ve got your osCommerce shop. Probably it was set up a few years ago. All software has vulnerabilities and osCommerce is no exception. As the cleverness of hackers grows so we have to keep on updating and securing our websites against outside attacks.

Left unpatched and unmaintained a standard osCommerce installation will have several vulnerabilities which mean an attacker can get in, modify files, steal your customers’ information and plant rogue pages which can be used as phishing sites to grab people’s personal bank details.

This is not just “it can happen.” It does. If your security is not up to date you WILL get hacked sooner or later. You might never know about it. Until your customers start to report they are receiving warnings from their browser or Google about the content of your site. And then it’s damage limitation time, an attempt to recover lost ground.

Jewelion Web Design has experience with osCommerce dating back to 2002. We can act quickly and decisively to secure your site and remove the hackers files. Thus ensuring your reputation remains clean and untarnished.

If you have an osCommerce site that needs updating or you suspect/know has been hacked, contact Jewelion Web Design today – we can help!