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Zen Cart Hack Recovery

It cannot be repeated often enough. All software has security flaws. Responsible developers recognise this and as problems become apparent, fixes are made available. Responsible website owners ensure that their sites are updated and kept secure.

Older versions of Zen Cart can be vulnerable to being hacked. We have the experience in recovering from this situation. We have been contacted on many occasions to rescue online shops from a hack attack. Our familiarity with the Zen Cart system makes us the ideal choice to disinfect and secure your installation from further attack.

Zen Cart: Help, I've been Hacked!

What you need to do first is to take the site offline. That's to prevent futher abuse by the hackers and to protect your customers and their data.

Then you can follow one of the numerous guides to disinfecting your site or you can Contact Us for a fast efficient and thorough site disinfection service.

If you know or suspect your Zen Cart websitehas been hacked then contact the zen cart  specialists at Jewelion Web Design today.